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Active Release Technique

A.R.T. a Unique Hands On Clinical treatment

At 146 Health and Chiropractic we understand that athletes’ bodies work hard, and because of this, injuries can sometimes be easily accumulated. When an athlete visits our state-of-the-art facility needing high-quality chiropractic care, we do everything to ensure we address the root cause of their injury. We strive to provide quick and efficient pain relief, as well as an improved range of motion. With the active release technique, we are able to do this for our athletes.

What is the Active Release Technique

Also referred to as active release therapy, the active release technique (ART) is a soft tissue technique designed to help treat soft-tissue disorders in athletes. This chiropractic technique is used to treat problems with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (connective tissues), and nerves. Athletes suffering from various musculoskeletal conditions can also benefit from this technique.

The Benefits of Active Release Technique

Active release technique provides a wide range of benefits to patients, especially those that are athletes. However, anyone who has pain and symptoms caused by soft tissue injuries can potentially benefit from the professional application of this technique. Soft tissue injuries can occur from sports, overuse, or trauma. Not only can this technique help treat tendinopathy, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and running injuries. This technique can also reduce tension in surrounding tissues, leading to decreased stress in affected areas. The benefits of the active release technique include, but are not limited to:

  • increased flexibility
  • management of shin splints
  • management of plantar fasciitis
  • management of tennis elbow
  • improvement of sciatic symptoms
  • increased range of motion
  • decreased lower back pain
  • improved chronic neck pain
  • relief of tension headaches
  • management of carpal tunnel

Why Athletes Should Undergo ART

If you’re an athlete with reduced activity due to uncomfortable pain, the active release technique might be a chiropractic treatment for you. Repetitive stress injuries, such as tennis elbow and chronic muscle pulls, are common in athletes due to the cumulative effects of repeated motions. These injuries can cause significant pain if left untreated. The active release technique can help athletes reduce the pain caused by cumulative impact adhesions and much more. Professional and recreational athletes worldwide use this hands-on soft-tissue technique to recover from painful sports-related injuries.

ART works for anyone who has a soft tissue injury. You will see results fast. Many of our patients swear by the combination of Chiropractic and ART together.

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